Adult D-Groups

Adult D-Groups

What is a D-Group?
A D-Group is a gender-specific cohort of 3-5 adults that meets consistently and intentionally every week for 12-18 months. The purpose of a D-Group is to create an environment for both accelerated spiritual transformation as well as evangelistic replication.

Why D-Groups?
We believe disciple-making is a direct commandment from Jesus (Matt 28:16-20) which unfortunately has become a lost art within the evangelical church. Many congregations have discipleship classes or small groups (and those are GREAT) but that is not disciple-making.

Most of what the modern church calls discipleship is actually the transfer of information through teaching. Discipleship by its very nature is intimate and organic. It is not a class or program, but a way of life. Jesus did not take his disciples to a class or program; He lived life with them. We believe true biblical discipleship must be intentional, transformational, and reproducible.

Am I required to attend my D-Group every week?
The short answer is, yes. When Jesus called people to follow Him, it was understood that following Him came with a cost. Jesus’ invitation required a commitment, and those who were not ready to commit at that level were allowed to opt out (Mark 10:17-22). People who are ready to grow and learn will prioritize discipleship. A D-Group is a heavy commitment, but the return on that investment is life-changing.

Why are D-Groups only 12-18 months?
Replication is a vital component of spreading the Gospel. The hope for each participant is that you can take what you have learned and experienced and replicate your life into someone else. The bonds formed through a D-Group can certainly continue past 18 months, however, disciple-making is an ongoing process and starting your own D-Group is the goal for every disciple.

What does a D-Group look like?
There are 6 components to a D-Group at Living Hope.

  • Bible Reading Plan
  • H.E.A.R. Journal
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Accountability
  • Prayer
  • Discussion & Application

D-Group Resources

“Until disciple-making becomes the ministry of the church and not a ministry in the church, we will never see our discipleship efforts impact the world the way that Jesus envisioned.”
Robby Gallaty
Rediscovering Discipleship: Making Jesus’ Final Words Our First Work